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1.17 Hp Lightnin' Model XJ-117 Clamp-On agitator, Stainless Steel
Lightnin Model XJ-117 Clamp On Agitator, 1.17 Hp, 3/60/208-220-440 Volt, Explosion Proof Motor, 350 RPM output speed, clamp mount, requires shaft and blades. AK 6006 Photo and RFQ

0.25 Hp Clamp- Mount Agitator, Stainless Steel
Approximately 0.25 Hp Agitator, driven by 1/60/230 Volt motor, 15" long stainless steel shaft with 6" dia blade, requires clamp mount AK 6005 Photo and RFQ

1.7 Hp Clamp Mount Agitator, Air- Operated, S/S
1.7 Hp Air- Operated Agitator, Clamp-on Style Mount, 24" long stainless steel shaft with 5" dia., 3 BladePropellor Mixing Blade. AK 5997 Photo and RFQ

1 Hp Neptune Model - JG5.4-DU Agitator, Air- Operated
Neptune Model -JG5.4-DU Agitator, 1 Hp, Air- Operated, 350 RPM output speed. Designed for clamp-on or Cup Plate Mount, No Shaft. AK 5996 Photo and RFQ

15 Hp Brawn Top-Entering Agitator, 104 RPM, S/S
Brawn Model 30BRM15 Top Entering Flange Mounted Agitator, stainless steel contact parts, mechanical seal, 12" 150 PSI Ansi Mounting flange (19" OD x 17" bolt circle- 12 bolt holes) 104 RPM Output Speed, 15 Hp. 3/60/208 Volt, Explosion Proof Motor, thru Falk Model 300MDX2A reducer, Brawn Serial#971373. (UNIT UNUSED & NEVER INSTALLED) AK 4550 Photo and RFQ

10 Hp Twin Turbine Counter-Rotating Agitator, S/S
Twin Turbine Counter-Rotating Agitator, Stainless steel shaft and Turbine Style Blades, driven by SEW Eurodrive gearbox with (2) 10 HP XP Motors. AK 4923 Photo and RFQ

10 Hp Ekato Bridge Mounted Agitator, 26 RPM
Ekato Model HWL-080-A Top Entering Bridge Mounted Agitator, 26 RPM Output Speed, driven by 10 Hp., 3/60/230-460 volt, 1755 RPM, TEFC Motor. (no shaft or blades) AK 5363 Photo and RFQ

5 Hp Philadelphia Model 3801SPTO, with shaft and blades
Manufacturer: Philadelphia, Model 3801SPTO, 11.4:1 ratio, 155 rpm out S/N 87DAE1343, 5 Hp 3/60/230-460/ 1750 rpm motor, with 2.25" dia. X 58" long S/S shaft and 21" 4 blade pitched turbine. Bridge mount. AK 4536 Photo and RFQ

2 Hp Lightnin 71-Q-2, with shaft and blades
Lightnin Model 71-Q-2, 25.6:1 ratio, 68 rpm out S/N 93-B39626-01, 2 Hp 3/60/220-440/ 1750 rpm motor, with 2" dia. X 90" long S/S shaft and 28" turbine blade with stabilizer. AK 4534 Photo and RFQ

5 Hp Sew Eurodrive Top Mounted Agitator, 89 RPM
Sew Eurodrive Model KAF76DT100L4 Top Mounted Agitator, 18.84:1 ratio, 89 rpm out driven by 5 Hp, 3/60/230-460 volt, 1680 rpm motor, hollow quill style. AK 5893 Photo and RFQ

1 Hp Lightnin Flange Mount Agitator. S/S
Lightnin Model X5C-100 Flange Mount Agitator, driven by 1 Hp 3/60/208-230-460 volt, 1725 rpm, TEFC motor, with 1-1/4" dia x 96" long stainless steel shaft and (2) 10" dia A-310 agitator blades, 6" ANSI Stainless steel mounting flange with stuffing gland seal, 350 RPM output speed, Built 2012. AK 5888 Photo and RFQ

0.65 Hp Lightnin XJ-65 Agitator, S/S
Lightnin Model XJ-64 Agitator, 0.65 Hp, 3/60/208-220-440 Volt, TEFC motor, 350 RPM output speed. Cup Plate Mount. AK 5817 Photo and RFQ

0.43 Hp Lightnin XJ43-SCR Lift Mounted, S/S
Lightnin Model XJ43-SCR Lift Mounted Agitator, stainless steel stub shaft, 350 RPM Output speed, 0.43 Hp, 3/60/208-220-440 Volt, Motor with SCR speed control mounted on adjustable base with casters. (requires shaft & blades) AK 5488 Photo and RFQ

0.43 Hp Lightnin XJ-43 clamp-on agitator, S/S
Lightnin Model XJ-43 Clamp On Agitator, 0.43 Hp, 3/60/208-220-440 Volt, TEFC motor, 350 RPM output speed, clamp mount, with 5/8" dia x 48" long shaft with (1) 10" dia Model A-310 Axial Flow blade. AK 5815 Photo and RFQ

34" dia Lightnin Agitator Impellers, S/S
(2) 34" dia Lightin Rushton R100 Radial Flow Impellers, stainless steel construction, 34" OD, 3.5" dia. Hub, . (1) 4 blade and (1) 5 blade with stabilizer. AK 5664 Photo and RFQ

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