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H & P Equipment Co., Inc. H & P Equipment Co., Inc.


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1 Quart Ross Jacketed, Vacuum Planetary Mixer, S/S AK 5613
0.6 cu.ft (40 L) Bohle LM-40-NIR Lab Blender, Sanitary S/S AK 5620
D-26 Cornell Versator, Type 316 Polished Sanitary Stainless Steel AK 5432
APV/Gaulin Homogenizer, Lab Size Model# 15MR-8TA, S/S AK 5519
10 dia Krauss Maffei Model HZ-25 Horizontal Peeler Centrifuge, S/S AK 5125
40 Gallon J.H. Day Pony Mixer, S/S AK 5603
N-28 Wyssmont Turbo Tray Dryer, 316 S/S AK 5501
0.5 Hp. Ross Model #ME-100L, S/S Hi-Speed Mixer/Emulsifier AK 5469
0.75 gallon Littleford Day Sanitary Heavy Duty Mogul Mixer AK 5442
40 gallon Ross Vacuum Mix Can, 316 Sanitary Stainless Steel AK 5625

340 Quart AMF Glen Mixer, Stainless Steel AK 5602
1 Gallon Union Process "SZEGVARI" Attritor, Model 1-S, XP (2) AK 5492
5 Gallon Myers V-L550A-3-3 Vacuum, Jacketed Dual Shaft Mixer AK 5557
11 cu ft APS Model DRB-11 Double Ribbon Blender, Sanitary AK 5584
40 Gallon Groen Model-EE-40, Jacketed Kettle, Electric, S/S AK 5592
213 sq.ft. Heat Exchanger, 150/150 Stainless Tube Side AK 5396
1 Quart Readco Sigma Blade Mixer, Jacket, Vacuum S/S (3) AK 5544
Bantam-CF Mikro Pulverizer, Screw Fed Sanitary (2) AK 5134
Model ZC-1 Quadro Ytron Blender, Sanitary S/S AK 5630

15 Hp. Hockmeyer Variable High Speed Disperser, S/S AK 5615
Kalix Model KX-600 "Hot Air" Tube Filler, Sanitary AK 5570
12 Head Ima Model F570/12VL-8V-N Monoblock Filler/ Capper AK 5385
Scandia Model 725 Automatic Wrapping Machine, 2007 (2) AK 5412
GPCG-1 Glatt Laboratory Fluid Bed Dryer, Stainless Steel AK 5438
100 sq. ft. Stokes Vacuum Shelf Dryer, Sanitary S/S AK 5263
96 sq. ft. Hull Vacuum Freeze Dryer, Sanitary, S/S Heresite AK 5262
160-Z Alpine Kolloplex Pin Mill, 10 HP, C/S AK 5200
50 gallon Ross Model VSL-50 Agitated Reactor, 50/FV/50, S/S AK 4896
150 Liter Vertical Jacketed Agitated Reactor, 316-L Sanitary S/S AK 5619

1 Gallon Baker Perkins Dual Planetary Vertical Mixer, Vacuum, S/S AK 5611
20 Hp. Variable High Speed Disperser, S/S AK 5614
4 Gallon Ross Vacuum Double Planetary Mixer, Sanitary 316 S/S AK 5618
150 CFM Stokes Model 212-J Vacuum Pump, 7.5 Hp AK 5355
300 CFM Kinney Model KT-300-C Vacuum Pump AK 5475
20 quart Hobart Model A-200-F Mixer, S/S AK 5450
5 gallon Jaygo MPV-30, Double Planetary Mixer, Jacketed, Vacuum, S/S AK 3052
3' dia x 1' face Eimco Rotary Vacuum Filter System, 316 S/S AK 4472
25 gal Eagle Model DT-CTH-47H Vertical Tank, S/S AK 5459
Sonic Tri- Homo Horizontal Colloid Mill, Model-3-LA & 4-LA, Sanitary S/S (3) AK 4919
Silverson Model 275-LS Inline Mixer/ Emulsifier, Sanitary 316-L S/S AK 5617

VE-1 Fryma Deaerator, Sanitary Stainless Steel AK 5612
25 Hp. Variable High Speed Disperser, S/S AK 5616
120 liter Fryma VME-120 Vacuum Processing Plant, Sanitary 316 S/S AK 4540
15 dia. Vorti-Siv Model RBF-15 Sifter, all S/S AK 5451
3 liter Labosphere High Shear Mixer/ Granulator/ Dryer, 316 S/S AK 4471
9 Head Semi Automatic Vacuum Liquid Filler, S/S AK 4901
1 Quart Littleford Day Mogul Sanitary, Jacketed Sigma Blade Mixer, S/S AK 4850
198S Quadro Comill, 15 Hp. Motor, Sanitary, S/S AK 4802
340 KEK Betagrind Cone Mill, 10 Hp Motor, S/S AK 3373
Netzsch "LabTopMill" Basket Mill, S/S (5) AK 4966

Jim Siegel

H&P Equipment Co., Inc.
14 Skyline Dr., P.O Box 839, Montville, NJ 07045
Phone: 973-335-9770

H & P Equipment co., Inc.